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F1 Chat -- in 3D from upSpace

What's on this page:

  • The chat!
  • Welcome to the F1Rumors/upSpace Chat.
  • What is upSpace?
  • Help shape upspace!
  • Download time.
  • Getting stuck near the landing point.
  • Trouble logging in
  • Speed
  • What you need to run upSpace

    Welcome to the F1Rumors/upSpace Chat

    Walk and talk inside a virtual pit-lane, wander around the paddock, across the grid and even enter the team garages. You will be able to wear your team colours, and get the latest results on their performance, but most important of all you will be able to talk to 100% hardcore F1 fans.

    What is upSpace?

    upSpace is a 3D isometric chat room. To join in, you first need to REGISTER a 'Screen Name', which is the name you will be known by, and a password.
    Once you have done this you can hit CONTINUE to log-in, and you will be dropped into a landscape which you can explore by using the cursor (arrow) keys to walk around, and talk to other people by typing messages into the box at the bottom of the window.

    Help shape upSpace

    CO3i Ltd, the makers of upSpace, are asking for your help in making upSpace better and problem free. If you run into any problems using upSpace, or have any suggestions for features that you think would make it better, send them a message.

    Download time:

    The upSpace software is around 400Kb. Once that has downloaded (which should go on in the background while you are registering), and you click CONTINUE, the software then gets the graphics for the menubars, buttons etc - which is around 80Kb (you see a big spinning hourglass during this time) You can then login. After this the landscape is fetched, this totals around a 700Kb download, but you are able to walk around and talk almost straight away while the graphics are still downloading. You simply see a pseudo wireframe representation of the landscape while it is happening.

    Getting Stuck Near the landing point:

    We are adapting the landscape to make it easier to move around, and move away from the point where more people are always landing. When alot of people log in at the same time, they tend to get 'bunched' up, while they are figuring out how and where to move.

    Trouble Logging in:

    There are many possible reasons why you might have trouble connecting, and we are preparing a more technical description that should help you to help us find any problems so that we may fix them. First and foremost though, remember that Screen Name and password are case-sensitive (ie 'daniel' is not the same as 'Daniel'), and that a company or other firewall or proxy server may prevent you connecting. Our technical document will enable you to assertain whether this is the case.


    Isn't this always the issue? Well, yes there is an issue with the speed of walking and other operations within the chat client, and they are being addressed. When a new version with updates is released, it will be automatically downloaded to your computer the next time you log in.

    What do you need to run upSpace?

    upSpace should download to your computer and run automatically if you are using a supported system. To run upSpace on your computer, you must be using the following:
    • A Windows (95 or higher) PC
    • with at least 32Mb RAM,
    • a 300Mhz or faster Pentium processor with MMX
    • A 16,000+ colour screen
    • Internet Explorer 4 or above.
    If your computer is behind a company firewall or proxy you may experience problems connecting. If you have trouble contact your system administrator and ask him to read the upSpace FAQ.

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