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Articles for your Interest

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Articles by Enrico Chiara
Who'll take Eddie's Place? - Informed speculation of the future Ferrari number 2
Ferrari "650" and V10 "048" projects - An overview of the challanger Ferrari hope will bring the title back to Italy
Jean Todt reveals the "650" - Interview with Jean Todt for the launch of the 1999 contender
V12 engine: Ferrari back to the future? - Breaking news of the Ferrari intent to produce a V12 engine in 2000
The Scuderia Ferrari "650" project - An informed prediction of the shape of the 1999 contender, built from inside information
Articles by David Cunliffe
Review of Japan 1999 - Honours Even
Review of Malaysia 1999 - The Barge-board controversy
Review of Europe 1999 - Tears all round...
Review of Italy 1999 - Tears at Bedtime
Review of Hungary 1999 - McLaren back on top
Review of Germany 1999 - Eddie Assumes the Mantle
Review of Austria 1999 - Motormouth lives up to his own Publicity
Review of Britain 1999 - Triumph and Tragedy
Review of Canada 1999 - Dreams and Nightmares
Review of Spain 1999 - Swings and Roundabouts
Review of Monaco 1999 - Red Whitewash
Review of San Marino 1999 - Tifosi Heaven
Review of Brazil 1999 - The Championship Race is On...
Review of Melbourne 1999 - Eddie Breaks his Duck

Articles by Declan Curran
Images of a Season to come - Declan explains his Great Expectations

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The Worst BAR None - trouble at the BAR!
"Discerning or Deserving?" - Who should be the Champion?
"Schumacher: The Point of no Return?" - Will the maestro assist Irvine?
Philosophies for Racing - Julie checks them out...
Damon - Is he Really Over The Hill? - Looking at the Hill situation, after the German Grand Prix.
Formula One - The Fickle Factory - Looking at heroes and anti-heroes - their making and breaking.
Formula One - Losing it's Edge? - Looking at the state of Formula One today
David Coulthard - What Right to Ridicule? - Looking at David Coulthard, and the critisism laid on his doorstep
Backmarkers - Back Pain? - Comment on back markers affecting the outcome of races
Silver Mika vs Red Michael - Comparing the two key contenders for the 1999 title
Stewart 1: Jackie Stewart - a profile of the man and the driver
Stewart 2: Stewart Grand Prix - a profile of the teams origins, and baptism of fire in Formula One
Stewart 3: Stewart McTiger - profile of Stewarts recovery from 1998
Articles by Jo Howard
Fast Eddie guns for the title... Preview Japan 1999
Cataclysmic Events? Preview Malaysia 1999
Can anything stop Eddie Irvine? Preview Hungary 1999
Red Sea Parting? Comment on Ferrari's internal split

Articles by Peter Mooney
Dumb and Dumber - Who will win the World Championship?
Ready, Eddie, Go! - an Irish Champion...

Humourous Articles by Inky Black
Austrian GP: Welcome to Vienna, Minnesota or; "It's a nice place to visit, but Mozart would have moved."
British GP: The Greatest Drivers In The World or; "Move along lady, there'll be no excitement here. This is a golf match!"
French GP: Viva La France or; Cha Cha Chitwood and the BayWatch All-Girl Pit Crew arrive in France with bad jokes, better apologies, and a mention of the war
Canadian GP: Surfing FIA or; Cowabunga in Canada
Spanish GP: Still in Barcelona or; Ninth in the Adventures of the BayWatch All-Girl Pit Crew
Monaco GP: Fast Laps and Fast Girls or; The Eighth Adventure of the BayWatch All-Girl Pit Crew
San Marino Jet-Set or; Further Adventures of the BayWatch All-Girl Pit Crew
Brazil GP - The girls from Ipanema or; Fastest Pit Lane Changes in the World
Full Monty in Melbourne or; Fastest Pit Lane Changes in the World
Formula One Racing Meets Quantum Relativity or; Welcome to CERN - Fastest High-Speed Oval in the World
BayWatch All-Girl Pit Crew meets the Queen of England and confused tea-time with wet T-shirt time, causing havoc in the Palace
BayWatch All-Girl Pit Crew at AutoSport99 the crew visit Autosport 99 to take part in the pitcrew contest
Hollywood Grand Prix; Sylvester Stallone Meets Formula One or; Jackie Stewart trained BayWatch Girls for an Indianapolis Pit Crew because Sylvester Stallone had WonderBra for a sponsor and some French guys made Richard Petty drink white wine instead of beer
Articles by Carlos Soto
Schumacher's 2000 Mission - Targets, Chamionships, and excuses
"The Honda Dilemma" - Considering the issues...

Articles by Emily Wheeler
Of Fast Starts and Endings That Come Too Soon - A tribute, and food for thought
Keeping Up With the Mosleys - A Lesson From Sportscar Racing's Turmoil

Other Articles
Anyone want a World Championship? - A look at how the main players are doing everything they can to lose it, by Lauren Rutherford
Engines - from V8 to V12 via V10 - Why today's V10s might become tomorrows V8 or V12... by Joel Wilkens

General Articles by F1 Rumors
Ferrari's 1999 Contender - F1 Rumors take on the potential shape of the 1999 Ferrari
Toyota in Formula One - F1 Rumors speculates on how Toyota could return to Formula One

Articles by the F1 Rumors team that appear elsewhere:
Atlas F1 Debate: The case for ' Grooves' versus 'Slicks' - Read up on the merits for each case, understand why Max Mosley considers grooves beneficial, and make up your own mind based on the facts
Atlas F1 Article: A Tyre for All Seasons - Why a single tyre format for wet and dry seasons might just work.

1999 Driver Profiles by Julie Gates

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The 1999 Season

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Humour by Inky Black
Reviews by David Cunliffe
Audio files from the F1 Press Conference site - other formats are available there.
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